En-Embark on a journey to digital distinction with Web3planet. Our expansive selection of top-level domains, in collaboration with Freename, empowers you to carve out your niche in the Web3 realm. As a hub for innovators and creators, Web3planet is the foundation of your online legacy. Secure your domains, and with it, your future in the digital frontier.

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No worries about takedowns by external authorities—your website and online identity remain yours.


of Digital Identity

Web3 domains shift away

from centralized control, promoting a

decentralized internet.

Users can establish their

presence, without relying on intermediaries, fostering a more transparent and user-centric

online experience

Crypto Wallet Addresses:

Use your Web3 Domains as crypto wallet addresses to send and receive cryptocurrencies!!!

Your unique domain becomes your wallet identifier, simplifying transactions !

Web3 Mail and Communication

Communicate directly using your

Web3 domains for sending

and receiving emails.

Web Browsing with Web3 Domains

Surf the internet using

Web3 domains via newly released

NOTO App!!!

Enables a seamless integration of

Web3 domains

into communication channels.

Point your Web3 Domains,

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Our only mission ! ! !

Create a metavers for

Web3 enthusiasts from around

the Planet ! ! !

Remember that Web3 Planet

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As we transition toward

a more decentralized web,

Freename domains are playing crucial

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interactions and ownership!!!

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